Summary with the main themes that were addressed in the meeting held on July 13, 2023, at the Instituto de Música UAH, organized by Animupa.

Guests: Aula Records, Alio Modo, Chile Clásico, Sello Modular and Pueblo Nuevo.
Journal of New Music Research
René Silva Ponce, Juan Parra Cancino & Rodrigo Cádiz


This paper redefines the performance practice of street barrel organs by transcending their conventional physical gestures beyond their role as mere music reproduction machines. We propose a new understanding of these instruments by establishing a parallel with how turntables started to be considered musical instruments through hand manipulation. Collaborating with Chilean organilleros, we experimented with the notion of ‘physical gesture transgression’ and explored creating new sounds through various body actions. We provide a list of ‘transgressive gestures,’ proposing expansions through instrument preparation or additional gestures, and how these new gestures can be annotated alongside traditional notation for other musical instruments.